Henry Saint Dahl

Secretary General, Inter-American Bar Association - International business law and litigation

Practice of Law

  • International business law and litigation. Representation of foreign nationals and foreign governments in US courts. Counseling Latin enterprises doing business in the US and American enterprises doing business in Latin America. Toxic torts, environmental cases, business litigation, family law. Consultant to Congress of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras (1995 – 1996). Consultant to the Inter-American Juridical Committee of the Organization of American States and to the Bureau du Droit Européen et International en Matière Civile et Commerciale (France) (1999 – 2000). Consultant to the Attorney General of Ecuador (2002). Co-counsel in Latin American and in French litigation. President of the Inter-American Legal Affairs Committee, Washington DC Bar, (since 2013). Secretary General of the Inter-American Bar Association (since 2013)
  • Vice President and International Counsel. TKS Express (Sao Paulo). Brazilian corporation engaged in the international courier business. Opening contacts and negotiating contracts in Europe, North and Latin America (1987 – 1988)
  • Legal consultant. Agency for International Development (Washington D.C.) Evaluating project on the Administration of Justice. Assessing and reporting on criminal law systems of Latin America (1987 – 1988). Improving the business legal system in El Salvador (since 2003)
  • Attorney. Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle (New York). International and domestic commercial law. U.S.- Latin American transactions. Agency agreements. Contracts. Corporate law. Bankruptcy. Enforcement of U.S. judgments abroad. Foreign exchange regulations. Oil and gas. Foreign investments. Import-export regulations. Taxation. Transfer of technology. Extradition and nationality laws (1981 – 1983)
  • Attorney. M. & M. Bomchil (Buenos Aires). Commercial cases involving mainly U.S., U.K., French and Italian clients. Banking and corporate law. Oil and gas. Foreign investments.   International contracts. Litigation. Loan agreements. Taxation. Transfer of technology. Admiralty (1979 – 1981)
  • Attorney, Buenos Aires, Commercial, labor and administrative cases. Legal counsel to the City of Buenos Aires (1973 – 1976)
  • Court Clerk, Buenos Aires (1971 – 1973)

Licensed to practice in

  • Washington, D.C. (2003)
  • Texas (1990)
  • U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals, Puerto Rico (1989)
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas (1990)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (1999)
  • Spain, Madrid (1991)
  • New York (1982)
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires (1973)

University degrees

  • LL.D. Buenos Aires University, School of Law, Argentina (1980)
  • Stazhor. Leningrad University, School of Law, Russia (1979)             
  • LL.M. London University, King’s College, England (1977)
  • LL.B. Buenos Aires University, School of Law, Argentina (1973)
  • Translator (legal French). Buenos Aires University, School of Law, Argentina (1972)
  • Translator (legal English). Buenos Aires University, School of Law, Argentina (1971)


  • Scholarship granted by the British Government for post-graduate legal studies in England (1976 - 1977)
  • Scholarship granted by the Russian Government for post-graduate legal studies in the Russia (1977 - 1979)
  • Scholarship granted by the French Government for post-graduate legal studies in France. Declined due to overlapping with the two previous scholarships
  • William Roy Vallance Award, Inter-American Bar Foundation (2012)


a) Books

  • Costa Rica, Family and Succession Law. International Encyclopaedia of Laws, The Hague, 2003. [Co-author]
  • McGraw-Hill’s Spanish and English Law Dictionary, August 2003
  • Dahl's Law Dictionary. French - English and English - French. (USA, France, 1995. Second printing, 1998. Second edition, 2001). Available in Lexis
  • Dahl's Law Dictionary. Spanish - English and English - Spanish. (USA, 1992, 1995, third edition, 1999). Available in Lexis
  • Legal Accountability for Human Rights Violations in Argentina: One Step Forward and Two Steps Backward. 8 Human Rights Law Journal, 283 - 477 (1987) [Co-author]
  • Multinational Corporations. Investments, Technology, Tax, Labor and Securities: European, North and Latin American Perspectives. Co-editor (USA, 1986). Reviewed: Revue International de Droit Comparé (France), April - June 1987, Nr. 2, at p. 517 (by André Tunc)
  • Wests's Law and Commercial Dictionary in Five Languages. English, Spanish, French, Italian and German, in two volumes. Senior editor (USA, 1985). Reviewed: The American Journal of Comparative Law, vol. 34, Summer 1986, Nr. 3 (by Thomas Reynolds). Available in Westlaw
  • Soviet Private Law* (Argentina, 1981)

b) Articles

  • Forum Non Conveniens, Latin America and Blocking Statutes. 35:1 Inter-American Law Review 21 - 63 (2003 - 2004)
  • International Commercial Arbitration. On-Line course for Salamanca University, Spain (2003)
  • International Torts: A Latin American Point of View. XXVII (2000) Curso de Derecho Internacional, Inter-American Juridical Committee, Organization of American States, 563 - 578. Corresponding course taught in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The Protection of People, Natural Resources and the Environment Through International Law.* XXVI (1999) Curso de Derecho Internacional, Inter-American Juridical Committee, Organization of American States, 359 - 365. Corresponding course taught in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • USA: Bankruptcy Under Chapter 11**, 5 International Business Law Journal, 555 - 566 (1992)
  • The Influence and Application of the Standard Penal Code for Latin America, 17 American Journal of Criminal Law 235-285 (1990)
  • U.S. Restrictions on High Technology Transfer. Impact Abroad and Domestic Consequences. 26:1 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, 27-52 (1987)
  • Socialist Law in the Americas. The foreign Trade Point of View. 3:2 Connecticut journal of International Law, 273 – 309
  • Enforcement of American Judgments in Spain. 5 Boston University International Law Journal, 29 - 57, (1987)
  • International Commercial Arbitration in Cuba. A Convergence of Soviet and Latin American Trends. Lawyer of the Americas 441-466 (1984) [Co-author]. Republished in 7 Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia 66-89 (1985)
  • Argentina's System of Foreign Investments. 6 Fordham International Law Journal 33 -71 (1982-83)

c) Notes and Translations

  • Sur un droit européen du contrat, IABA XL Conference
  • French Contract Law – Similarities and Differences with the U.S. System, Texas Transnational Law Quarterly, vol. 13, No. 4, June 1998, pp. 3 – 9
  • Criminal Liability of Enterprises in French Law, Texas Transnational Law Quarterly, vol. 12, No. 3, October 1995, pp. 46 - 50
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d) Book Reviews

  • Droit des Affaires. 25 The International Lawyer 295-297 (1991)
  • Economic Integration Among Developing Nations: Law and Policy. 2 Latin American Legal Link (1987) 
  • Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Latin America. 2 Latin American Legal Link, 35 (1986)
  • U.S. Claims Court Reporter. West's International Law Bulletin, 16 (Winter 1984)
  • El Derecho en el Socialismo Desarrollado. 10 Review of Socialist Law, 91 (1984)

e) Editorial Work

  • Latin American Legal Link, co-founder and editor, (1984-1986)

Law Professor

a) USA

  • Southern Methodist University, School of Law (Dallas). Adjunct professor of Mexican law. Associate Director of the SMU NAFTA Law Center. (Spring 1997 – 1998)
  • Texas Wesleyan University. Adjunct professor of Comparative Business Law and of Mexican Law. (Fall 1991 – 1993)
  • University of Texas at Dallas. Adjunct professor of International Business Transactions. (Summer 1993)
  • Southern Methodist University, School of Law. (Dallas) Visiting professor
  • International Litigation and Arbitration, Comparative Trade Law. (Spring 1987)
  • Louisiana State University, Law Center. Assistant professor. Conflict of Laws (domestic and international), Soviet Law, Obligations, Louisiana Civil Law System. (Fall and Spring 1983 – 1986)

b) Western Europe

  • Paris University (France). American Business Law. (2009 – 2010)
  • Conservatoire National Des Arts et Métiers (Paris, France). One annual course on American law, to French attorneys. (October – November 1986 – 2007)
  • Paris Bar. American law, to French attorneys. (October 1993 – 1995)
  • Université de Cergy-Pontoise, School of Law. American business law. (October 1995)
  • Université de Bordeaux, School of Law. Visiting professor. American business law. (Summer 1985)
  • Universidad de Barcelona. School of Law. Visiting Professor. Soviet and American Conflict of Laws. (Summer 1984)

c) Latin America

  • Puerto Rico University, School of Law. Law Professor, Comparative Business Law, International Business Law, Doing   Business in Eastern Europe and Introduction to Law. (Spring and Fall 1989)
  • Sao Paulo University, School of Law (Brazil). Visiting professor teaching U.S. Business Organizations. (August – September 1986)
  • Buenos Aires School of Law (Argentina). Adjunct professor of law teaching Commercial Law and Conflict of Laws. (January – December 1975 – 1976)

d) Eastern Europe

  • University of San Diego, School of Law. Teaching East/West Trade Law, in Russia and in Poland. (Summer 1986 - 1987)


  • Legal Myths and Reality. Guatemalan Bar Association. October 23, 2013
  • Proposed Human Rights Exception to the FSIA. U.S. Congress, October 8, 2013
  • International Litigation and Arbitration, Zaragoza Bar Association, Spain, September 2013
  • International Commercial Arbitration, Guatemalan Bar (Guatemala), November 2012
  • Approaches to International Litigation, Colombian Bar (Bogotá), November 2012
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  • Legal Aspects of Doing Business with the European Community. Paper on Merger Control and Competition Law. (January, 1991, Dallas Bar Association, International Law Section). (Published)
  • New Dimensions in International Trade. International Trade Summit. (October, 1990, Arkansas)
  • International Arbitration. Puerto Rico University School of Law. Co-chairman of conference on The Civil Code Centenary. (November, 1989)
  • International Solutions to Solve Domestic Problems. A.B.A. Conference on International Commercial Arbitration. (March 1988, Costa Rica) (Published)
  • Socialist Law in the Americas. UCLA School of Law, Conference on Latin American Law. (November 1986). (Published)
  • U.S. Restrictions on Exports from Third Countries of U.S. Technology. Madrid University, School of Law (Spain). Private International law convention (May, 1986). (Published)
  • Reorganization of Multinational Enterprises: Legal and Tax Aspects. Louisiana State University, Law Center. Co-Chairman of conference. (October, 1984). (Published)


  • Inter-American Bar Association, Adjunct Secretary General (2004-2007); Secretary General (since 2013)
  • Inter-American Legal Affairs Committee of Washington D.C. Bar, Vice-President (2011 - 2013); President (since 2013)
  • Several professional and academic organizations in the area of international law, in the U.S. and abroad
  • American Society of International Law (1994 - 2002)
  • President, USA-Argentine Chamber of Commerce (1994 - 1996)
  • Advisory Council of the Dallas Bar Association, International Law Section (1992 -1996)
  • President, Russian-American Chamber of Commerce (1992 -1994)